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i never knew this (up until today) but there’s a quick blurp about the toad spirits on the nick site

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HAHA she literally grew on him. That’s funny. :P


I got a couple of messages of people asking me what Mako’s original bio (from 2012) said, so here it is: 

A Firebender with a serious side, the handsome and brooding Mako has always taken care of his little brother, Bolin. Growing up on the streets has given him a hard edge, but Mako loves his brother and will do anything to protect them both. Intensely focused on getting their team through the Pro-bending tournament and winning the jackpot, Mako’s tightly controlled world gets a little more chaotic when Korra enters the picture." (x

You can read Mako’s updated bio here: (x

Updated bio:

Though Mako seems cold and indifferent, he is fiercely dedicated to his friends and family and will do anything to protect the ones he loves. Between his romantic feelings for Korra, and the constant attack on Team Avatar, this serious firebender always finds himself in a world of chaos.

I see the pattern and I like it.

Gah it’s hard for me to be too angry at Nick when Rocket Power is on right now.

The 90’s shows is my childhood so this makes me happy when I see them.

I’m still bitter though. Yes.

Saw Mockingjay’s trailer.

All I could think about was OMG IT’S MY QUEEN MARGAERY TYRELL.



1. He doesn’t seem cold or indifferent! He’s an awkward turtle duck! Ugh.


3. Nick you aren’t forgiven but this helps.

Anonymous asked: A World of Grey is amazing. But I'm sure you've probably read that. I also really like The Veins Run Red and Blue. If you get anymore recs can you post them please? (:

I haven’t! Thanks for the recs. :D

If you’re looking for a high school makorra au, senior year by weptwishes is the best.

Okay thank you! 

Makorra recs anyone?

Like a chapter-fic. I’m not interested in smut and sexytimes. I’m interested in a good story that’s well written and in character. Anyone have any recs?

Anonymous asked: What do you think is the best approach for getting hate out of the makorra tag?

Well, I don’t think it’s complaining about hate in the tags.

Or making a post on how rude it is to tag hate, or how to tag “right.” Or saying “why can’t we respect each other’s ships?”

My approach: IGNORE IT. Block that user if they really annoy me, scroll past, and move on. 

I think that’s one million times more effective than trying to control what other people tag. You won’t win that battle, folks. Let it go. Ignore the hate, find the block button, and move on.

Does anyone else hate having a different villain each season?

I guess it’s hard for me to take these “threats” so seriously when we go through villains so fast. (I think Amon might have been around longer had they planned all 4 books from the start.)

I REALLY wish the Red Lotus had been introduced before now, and I hope they’ll be the villains in book 4 as well. I want to feel as attached to them as I did Azula, Mai and Ty Lee. But you know, villains have to stick around longer than one series for that to happen. At least for me.